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Project management planning. This initial stage involves laying out a plan for the entire project, in a Homeowner Pre-Construction Orientation Conference, including the various jobs that need to be done, to include the different type of materials, bids, a Quality Assurance Control Check List (a must) and a Critical Path of Construction which should be mandatory.

Cost management. Construction managers must constantly keep tabs on the process of planning and controlling the budget, making adjustments if unexpected issues or complications arise.

Quality management. Projects often involve overseeing numerous activities, tasks needed by contractors and subcontractors; construction managers must make sure they’re all doing a desired level of excellence along with implementing a good job in quality control and not cutting corners.

Contract administration. Lengthy contracts with the client are part of all construction projects, and it’s the construction manager’s job to ensure all of the contract provisions are being met and all parties are satisfied. This includes the customer, vendors, partners, or employees.

Safety management. Construction sites are filled with potential safety hazards that construction managers must be aware of and guard against. It is an organization function, which ensures that all safety ricks have been identified, assessed and satisfactorily mitigated.